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Guangzhou east, but the 80 - year - old flock together building early next year to complete renovation will become boutique hotels and apartments

Date: 2018-04-19

On April 17, SMW reporter learns from guangzhou public resources trading center, east AiQun hotel will undergo renovation, project investment of about 39.8 million yuan.AiQun hotel opened in 1937, was one of the landmarks and BiaoZhiXing hotel, guangzhou lingnan AiQun hotel belong to group has revealed that AiQun hotel after the repair will introduce new elements, become guangzhou tourism "clock".

East west building after renovation will start the repairs

East, but the renovation in the flock together hotel 1-16 floors, building area of 12000 square meters, the east after the upgrade will make boutique hotels and apartments, 153 rooms, including apartment is divided into two single rooms, one hall one room, one hall room 3 kinds.It is reported, apartment-style hotel can meet the needs of high-end rent the passengers, also can bring young customers for the hotel.The public areas, a total of 16, the main function of the elevator hall and corridor, leisure and entertainment space, etc., catering function will also upgrade.

, but it is understood that flock together hotel renovation project, which began in 2008, due to the scheme and funding issues have been delay, until the start of this year, lingnan group, to the east will be completed early next year, then will start the west wing of the repair work.

The whole building attract young customers

, but 1937 flock together hotel, which opened in guangzhou former "glamour" along the road, the gothic style and lingnan features mix build, but the flock together hotel, is a no one could landmark.It is so far the only steel structure building in guangzhou.

In the early 1990 s, but is flock together the most brilliant s, the net profit of nearly 10 million yuan.Citizens ai-qun Chen is a retired doctor in guangzhou, "because my parents got married there put wine, give me this name, leave a mark.", but in a lot of guangzhou citizens mind, flock together hotel was synonymous with "wealth", had held for 10 years in a row Canton fair cocktail party, "place a wine cost, but in the flock together hotel, is the site almost a year income".

At a loss, but 2000 years later hotel industry competition is intense, the flock together ever appeared, then make a little repair, operating a small profit.Inapproachable jiang jing, is located in the downtown, but today, during the Canton fair, the highest prices of AiQun less than 700 yuan, food is given priority to with retired workers and patrons, per capita consumption in 40 yuan."My son get married, but speaking to flock together put wine, he was frowning, said tea nostalgia, put wine, do not have to."

, but lingnan group says flock together hotel improves the environment and service, will be integrated into new "clock in" guangzhou tourism, mining hotel architectural history, combined with the tourism resources of the pearl river, attract young tourists.

East, but extended: flock together what's the story?

, but in 1966, the flock together hotel in the east of 18 stories built new buildings, 67.7 meters high.

Something floor, but as "flock together", so the hotel door also has two.Much nicer, but east of the new "flock together", the facade, from the 1st to the 10th session of Chinese export commodities fair, opening and closing banquet reception work shall be borne exclusively, but by the flock together, write "welcome merchants" in the Canton fair red banners hung on the top of the door, every one or two minutes to have a foreigner.

Unlike east air solemn reception hall, on the second floor of the reception desk is located in the west wing, the more humble.From the west wing of the east through the stairs., but in the process of walking, you can see the old "flock together" pattern: the narrow walkway, stairwells and corridors are very humble, pipes and wires, a bit like fire escapes.

In the west wing, the most interesting is ye jianying former office, at that time, ye jianying, but in the flock together building, west building 2 floor office, office area of 40 square metre.Later, as the first guangzhou long ye jianying, also many times in the reception of Hong Kong and Macao and the delegates.Legend in the 1950 s, guangzhou consulate of all countries to hold the reception dinner, all named chef, waiter reception, but "flock together".

Building all the existing stairs are introduced from the United States in 1937 to return home, because is the original log, still not see any cracks on the stairs.Stigma has concave and convex have send, simple decoration, each about stairs is composed of 7-10 log, fixed on the cement floor at the bottom of the stairs.