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Guangzhou international tourism exhibition opening

Date: 2018-03-01

2018 guangzhou international tourism exhibition opened on March 1, itb (guangzhou), with a total of 53 countries and regions more than thousand enterprises exhibitors.Show, lingnan international hotel union, can help visitors lodge in the global filter.

As mainland China's oldest international tourism exhibition, the exhibition has been on the 26th, display size of 36000 square meters, up 26% year on year, 1029 companies with a total of 53 countries and regions.The exhibition also invited the panama for the guest.

Show, many travel agencies launch "killer", the price of the discount rate is bigger.In addition to launch an attractive price, assures and exhibition areas designed for Chinese visitors tour products., such as the French, reunion Island tourism to the Chinese market a new brand "Ultimate Island Ultimate Island", the design of the four characteristic theme travel: natural wonders (darfur bernays active volcanoes and journey to Mars landscape), light excessive exploration (experience more than 60 kinds of outdoor sports), the wedding honeymoon (French amorous feelings intertwined with colonies of tropical Island wind), family, parents and children to swim.

In addition to launch an attractive price, assures the exhibition areas such as the French island of reunion designed for Chinese visitors tour products.Wang hua is taken
The national geographic magazine called "Indian Ocean the last adventure" reunion, is a world-class tourist resort.Since 2015 Chinese tourists to implement conditional visa-free policy, and in February 2017 reunion island - the first of guangzhou direct flights to China.

Reunion tourism administration of China representative office is responsible for RenCong YiZhe said, opening direct flights, 2017 Chinese tourists to reunion island break through ten thousand, and the growth momentum, China has become a reunion island in Asia the first big tourist.

On the day of the show, the largest in southern China asset management hotel group - lingnan hotel group, with the world famous online marketing platform brought sharp consultant company announced the formation of lingnan international hotel alliance.

Lingnan international hotel alliance is designed to help Chinese tourists across the country and around the world selected high quality and unique attractive tourist accommodation.

According to introducing, lingnan international hotel alliance by integrating "hotels, travel agents and airlines' resources, and form a coalition with the global quality hotel, provide the high quality hotel services to 46 million members from ecosystem, bring member hotels incremental customers with high quality at the same time, achieve client and client's two-way marketing product.

At home and abroad at present, the existing 13 countries and regions, more than 30 cities, more than 100 selected hotel to join the union, provide more than ten thousand high-quality goods rooms for Chinese tourists.Plan within three years, lingnan international hotel alliance will extend more than 1000 members.